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    PsyDetector Game

    Testimonials from TruTester Users

    Dr Joe Vitale of The Secret

    Dr. Joe Vitale of "The Secret"

    Jack Canfield of The Secret

    Jack Canfield of The Secret

    Sting Paul Schaffer
    Sammy Figueroa Sting and wife pentagon

    TruTester owners include Sting, Paul Shaffer, Sammy Figueroa, Sting's wife, Trudie - even the Pentagon!

    TruTester Success Story
    • You are, in fact, a genius. I am rather in tune with myself, kinesiologically speaking, and this Trutester Pro device makes my energy work so much more swift and effective. Thank you for your expertise and great videos! You are indirectly responsible for the future healing of a lot of people. Blessings from Jah upon you,

    • Hi Dustin I have to share with you that I'm excited about finding your TrueTester products... it's a dream come true. For me I've been wishing for a tool to help me decide what kind of food, vitamin, herb, etc would be good for me... not to mention, also having a way to easily tap into my high power for answers for other questions would be a huge plus. Thanks for making my wish come true!

    • I asked the list what the theme was for my life and it said manifestation of the subconscious! Amazing! Thank you!

    • I first heard of your products from Brent Phillips of Awakening Dynamics or formerly known as Formula For Miracles. Just want to give credit where it is due. I went to truster.com/ffm but it didn't have the Psydetector so I had to order through your main site.

    • He told a whole bunch of people but when he mentioned TruTester, I knew right away that I needed to get it. I even knew how to spell your website correctly even without him spelling it for us. That's a huge clue.

    • Again, awesome, awesome, awesome products you have here. It's not everyday where I call people up and gush over something. When I say something, I truly meant every word. It came from deep within.

    • Thanks again, Dustin for everything that you do.

    • They say we can't see forward, but I know otherwise now, and thanks to you and TT I'm getting to take a deeper look into things. I love the idea for your game. It definitely has my attention. Your work with TT has been an inspiration to me. It's allowed me to look farther into the future. My girlfriend thinks that the TT is more my girlfriend than she is. She used to give hell. "You spend more time with that thing than with me she'd say." Lol! The reality is that TT helped me with so many things, from work to play. I wish I had a nook or kindle with the list on it and a program with a dictionary at the same time. I could find a good use for it. I'm gonna write you a letter and share a few things that way. Good day and good luck with the new game.

    • The Trutester predicted my students' winnings. We entered the Daughters of the American Revolution, as we do every year. It predicted 4 winners, and we got 4 winners! Eleven years in a row! you are truly one of the great minds of this century.

    • Hey Dusty!
      My mom bought me a Trutester for Christmas! (I got it early) It's the original one. I just got it about 3 days ago and am having a blast with it.

    • I just ordered God is an Equation and am looking forward to receiving it.

    • I know you don't recommend betting ( I didn't actually bet) with theTrutester, but I thought just for fun I would see who was going to win the Portland Trail Blazers NBA game against the San Antonio Spurs. It was in San Antonio. I'm a big Blazers fan and the Spurs are last years NBA champions. It said the Blazers were going to win. It was a very strong YES.

    • What a game! It went into triple overtime! The first 2 overtimes, the Blazers didn't look that great, but managed to tie it up at the end. (Talk about nerve racking!) Then on the 3rd overtime the Blazers kicked their ass!

    • Since then I've picked the correct winners on several football games! I found out that the Seattle Seahawks (10-3) are going to beat the Arizona Cardinals (11-4) in Arizona tonight for Sunday NIght Football. YAY Seahawks! :-) (It was pretty close on the TT, but I'm pretty confident I did it right.)

    • I am into EFT and The Emotion Code so have been using it to release some trapped emotions, too! :-) The ebook will really help I'm sure. I know I've got some limiting beliefs that need to go away.

    • and I LOVE psydetector.. I cant wait till part two comes out if you eve considered it ...thank you thank you thank you again.. I cant say this it enough. I hope you have a great day and is looking forward to more of your products in the future .

    • Holy crap hahaha... I made this statement: "The word or phrase that represents the action that I need to take, based on Dusty's readings, is in the list between:" and I arrived at the phrase at 6081 - CALM DETACHMENT hahahaha Goddamn. I KNEW this was crucial to this manifesting successfully. This is such a flippin' trip!

    • Hi Dusty,
      I just wanted to let you know that while I was at the grocery store yesterday evening, my son called me laughing and told me that he located a missing XBOX controller using the Tru Tester. It tested strongly that it was not in the house, then he asked if it was in his car, and got a strong positive response. His brother had taken his car to a friend's house, so he went over and checked and sure enough, found it in his car!
      Pretty cool.
      Have a great weekend

    • Hello Dustin,
      I felt the need to send you some feedback about the use of Trutester for earning money… I earned about 150 dollar (using Trutester on (betting site) after just a couple of attempts. So, I agree completely with your video-warning about wagering, but i also know that it is possible to make modest sums of money with it. And this could really be the difference between life and dead for a good soul.

    • I am reading God Is An Equation. It is rich like a French pastry. I have to take it in small pieces.

    • My brother got me God Is An Equation an hour or so ago.....
      Dustin Mercer, I'm grinning so hard that the muscles at the back of my neck are hurting....
      I haven't been this happy in a long, long time.
      You're the best thing that could happen to anyone. ....

    • Dusty,
      I have just finished reading. I feel so empowered and my inner world is so full of energy now. My "self" is all knowing again. Thank you for helping me bring a real "me" back to me :))))

    • From: xyz.c-o-m
      To: zzdst@aol.com
      Sent: 5/4/2010 11:59:57 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
      Subj: Re: Question

      I just wanted to say thanks for answering my question the other day.We used a home pregnancy test to double check and she in fact is not Pregnant :-) Your TruTester reading was 100% correct!


    • WOW! Thank you!! We have 2 of your old style TruTesters. My daughter plays national tennis. We've used this to diagnose, heal, and recover a break in her L2 vertebra. TruTester has greatly helped her off-court fitness and nutrition and on-court focus! We don't just believe....we KNOW this is TRUE!!!

    • I wanted to say a quick 'thank you' for creating such an amazing device. I've read through your website and a friend has 2 on order which should be arriving tomorrow and i must say, im absolutely excited to try the TruTester out. The energy i felt from your website and reading through the testimonies and everything else was relieving in a way as im always seeking for Truth and understanding about who i am…

    • Quick story: one time just before sending an invoice for two weeks’ work for a client I used TT to verify the accuracy of the invoice. TT indicated there was an error. I kid you not, it took me 15 minutes to find the error. I charged too little for a job!!!

      The savings ALONE from that one time pays for the new Combo I just ordered. I was real excited to see the electronic version.

    • Hey Dusty:
      Wow, if this thing is everything you say it is, it can be life changing. I use AK with clients and almost never with myself. I'm sure I will now. So are you rich yet? :) Tom

      My Sister was at her hair dressers and in the conversation the hairdresser said that her one daughter was having a baby but she would not tell her Mother the sex. She also said that her other daughter was possibly pregnant. After arriving home my Sister grabbed her TT and began measuring the energy field. She told the hair dresser that the first daughter was having a boy and not to worry about the other daughter as she was not pregnant. Today the hair dresser called and said that my Sister was 100% correct.

      Thank You for inventing this wonderful tool: Tony / Mary Ann

    • Hi Dusty!
      I would really like to thank you for being a GENIUS and inventing this product! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I have to tell you, this is one of the most important tools anyone can use to "get to the bottom of things." It really takes the guesswork out of anything. Also, thanks for making the video, it helps a lot!

      Have a wonderful weekend!

      Wishing you peace and happiness always, Maria

    • Hi Dusty,
      Here is another very good story.

      In Nashville, we have had a gas shortage. Last weekend supposedly 85% of the gas stations were out of gas. This seemed high to me as I could not find the 15% that had any. Some gas has come into Nashville this week, but most stations are still out or only have one grade.

      I wanted to see if I could find some gas this morning without driving around burning up a bunch of gas to find it in the event I was unsuccessful. There is a local website that does report on stations that have gas. That information can be stale because stations can run out of gas in 4 to 6 hours. with the long lines. I decided to use TruTester.

      What I did is I asked TT if each gas station near my house had gas until I got a positive yes. When I came to the one that did. I inquired if the lines were currently long or short by asking if there was a line or not and if yes I would test to determine more or less than 3 vehicles deep. TT pointed me to a gas station with no lines. I blew off looking at the website, and went directly to that gas station.

      Sure enough, they had gas and no lines. I pulled up to a pump directly, filled up, and went back home in less than 20 minutes.

      Isn't that cool?

      I thought it was!

      Thanks! Ben

    • I'm not usually in the habit of apologizing to people, but I think I should to you. Months ago, I bought yout TryTester. A few days later, I sent you a hostile email, telling you your piece of crap contraption doesn't work. When I used it, most of the time all my answers were inacurate or just plain wrong. I wasn't getting any consistency with it. And many times I asked if I was Psychologically Reversed, and most of the time I got a NO. So I didn't know what was up or down with TruTester. Well, it turns out that I had Energy Toxins in my body; it was stopping my results with EFT, I could never get accurate muscle testings, I couldn't do any self testing or surrogate testing, using a technique that 98% of people can do. I actually got so ticked off of seeing the TruTester, knowing it didn't work for me; so I gave it to my nephew. Well, he got bored with it, so got it back.

      Sincerely, B

    • Hi Dusty, I am loving TruTester! Thank you so much!

      Today I was trying to decide whether to leave work early or not. I was expecting an important phone call and I didn't want to miss it. So, I asked TT if my co-worker was planning to call me soon. It said said Yes. I tested the response, and it was consistent. Sure enough at the time I was planning to leave, he called. We talked, and I was able to help him out easily. The result was an important presentation for a company Vice President got done on time with quality.

      I have used TT a number times and it is amazingly accurate. One hundred percent is not an understatement being careful about reversals.

      I read "Power vs. Force" several years ago and it really resonated with me. Recently, I discovered EFT. So, TT in combination with EFT has changed my life for the positive and then some.

      The videos you sent are huge. They really helped me to know how to use TT optimally. Along with that, I thought you made the videos fun, human, and real. I have some peeps in and from Pittsburgh. I sure would like to meet you some day. I think we are cut from the same cloth. I think that TT has some extended reach possibilities if you want to talk about it some day.

      Until then, both thumbs up! This is a great invention, and you are my kind of people.

      All the Best!

    • Dear Dusty:
      Yes, your test of the TT was right. When I went to the parent's open house tonight, the principal had found my apple box. : )

      I learned also, when I use the TT I have to phrase the question if I am looking for something with is the item in this room now. What seems to happen is if I don't phrase it that way the TT will give me a yes reading on a room that the object was in formally. Does that make sense?

      XX Ruthie

    • Thanks for the TruTesters, they are much better than I thought they would be!!! I'm really enjoying using it, although my hand is getting a little sore!

      cheers Andy :)

    • Dusty,
      I am that guy who had used the TruTester for my high school baseball team this summer.

      Just to let you know we won the World Series and the last time we lost a game was back on June 25th.

      Final record 18-2-1. In games decided by one run we were 6 and 0. Used TT for batting order, fielding positions and pitching rotation. Thought you would get a kick out of hearing a unique application.

      Kevin in Chicago
      our web site
      Have a great day

    • Dusty,
      I have several books by Donna Eden and I just received 3 of her DVDs. I have been using the TruTester to muscle test myself and it works very well.

      Are you familiar with her Energy work? The TT allows me to Energy test myself. My Sister and I have been 100% on using TT to determine the sex of an unborn baby. Understanding more about body energy has really taken the TT of of the toy category and into Scientific tool.

      Are others experiencing the same results or are my Sister and I just odd?

      Thank You for the great tool. Tony / Mary Ann

    • Hey Dusty!
      I got it working! I've been searching my whole house for this pair of hiking boots I need for a trip I'm about to embark on and no luck. I thought I searched everywhere. I was about to give up and accept that I left them somewhere or they got stolen or something. I used your "is/is not" process of elimination with the TruTester and it really worked! It lead me right to the boots! The last bit was a flash of intuition before I even had a chance to use the TruTester, but it lead me to a specific floor of my house, to a specific room, to a specific part of the room, then my eyes fell on a box and I looked in and there were the boots!

      I'm so excited that I was able to use this successfully!

      This is a real breakthrough in my ability to muscle test! I've never been able to do it myself before!

      Cheers Dusty! Scott

    • Dear Dust:
      I always knew I was afraid of death, but that silent voice of TT also told me this, you are really more afraid of life and learning how to surrender control. So, I have this....don't know quite what to do with it - but TT reveals itself again!

      XX Ruthie

    • Aloha you...
      How's you doing? Just letting you know that TruTester was right. I wasn't pregnant. It was a glitch. By the way, did you have time to listen to the tapes yet? Did you enjoy them?...

      Kind regards

      Okay... so apparently I have some issues with my glasses. I mostly wear contacts so the glasses are basically back-up. BUT... when I need them, I need them... and I am ALWAYS losing them. During two separate visits I lost them in Portland -- the second time I had to come home without them because they were nowhere to be found. I begged ex-guy (he wasn't ex at the time) to REALLY look for them... and he said he did. When I visited the next time a couple months later, I found them in this weird place. At night I'd typically take them off and drop them on the floor next to the bed. They had actually landed in this tiny niche between the edge of the boxspring and the metal bedframe. geez.

      Now they're kind of broken and one lens falls out. Can't be fixed -- so they are what they are for now.

      A few days ago I put them down somewhere. I take them off a lot because I can read better without them. They're supposed to be for distance AND close-up... but my near vision is excellent. I've been looking for a couple of days. On the bed with the books, notebooks and pens... no. Next to the bed... more such stuff, both sides... no glasses. Makeup table (makes sense) no; bathroom -- no; desk -- no; kitchen -- no; couch -- no; coffee table - no.

      finally I thought to use TT. Glasses are downstairs -- no. Glasses are upstairs -- yes. Bedroom... no. makeup table... no. Bathroom ... no. Desk... yes. Really?... I already looked! But... my desk is a mess and has a ton of stuff on it. So I started looking again. Waded through everything and was JUST about to write and tell you how tt had failed me. Then I picked up some papers from BEHIND my computer monitor... and no shit...

      I was STUNNED to my glasses there. In all my carelessness -- that is NOT a place where I would ever put them. But... there they were.

      how fun!

    • Dusty,
      this thing is something else. We had some friends from Italy that were visiting my Wife. The Husband asked if it would predict that he would get a job when he returned home. He had been out of work before he came to visit his Son.

      My Wife's friend called today and told her that her Father in Law got a job shortly after he got back to Italy. I knew that this thing was good but this really blew my mind. Once you connect to the Divine Matrix, there is no limit to measuring the Force.

      Thought that you would like to know.
      Tony C.

    • Hi Dusty!
      My finger is sore! I love it, although I need more practice.

      Worked with it alongside with the ancient Aztec "talks to his inside" technique and had great results. I tested core values that I assumed to be right: "I love myself"- FALSE What??? Can't be I thought, but kept on experimenting and stumbled upon another core belief "I am brave" FALSE!!

      After digging for a while it turns out my inner self was telling me I was too bold! I have been taking unnecessary risks and I was being advised to slow down, to calculate my risk and be more careful. Once I realized this (very hard to accept for me I was "not brave", that I should not charge in) I despised cowardice, and since my inner self was being fearful… I was not loving myself.

      Once it was all sorted out (took me about two hours) with inner dialogue I tested again "I love myself" – TRUE!! I was cured!

      It is just great! With TrueTester you can check for core beliefs that your outer self is in denial and hence almost impossible to see. You have to be brave to step in this realm, (well in my case I had to be a coward!) inner discovery will never be the same. I love your invention Dusty, thanks!

    • Dustin,
      Received my True Tester. Very cool! I've been a chiropractor for 27 years and always had some doubt about muscle testing due to the potential for error. But the TT virtually removes that potential. I will use it with my patients on Monday and see what happens. Can't wait to get to work!

      Can I get these in quantities to sell to my patients? What would bulk cost be?

      Way to go,
      Steve M, DC

    • Dear Dusty,
      You know... the first time I wrote to you about my order... I think I said something about your being a genius. Looks like I was right. You have done something very unusual -- you've taken your deepest explorations inward and then managed to translate that into a simple mechanical device that can be used by virtually everyone.

      p.s. In case your particular level of self-esteem has not allowed you to see this clearly... you have done something very big.

      Hello Dusty,
      My Trutester arrived today and I've been using it to death, what an awesome little gadget, also the videos really helped explain a lot of stuff I wouldn't of realised. (as well as giving me a few laughs) It's solved a massive problem for me though, before when I needed to know if I was totally clear of a subconscious issue from using EFT or a simillar technique, there was no possible way of knowing if I had totally cleared it out (and even if I had the right issue at all/or if I missed the point and it was something else entirely), with this device that problems totally gone and I can know whats holding me back, as well as having a whole lot of fun with it. Best investment I've made in ages. Bravo. Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you want.

      Thanks again,

    • Dear Dustin,
      I picked a number from 1-100 that my daughter had in her head....that just floored her!!!...such fun

      Dear Dusty:

      Here's the latest on the TT! My 16 year old went on a date Friday. I was hoping I didn't have to pick them up from the movies since I was tired. I was sure I had to (since he told me I did)...but TT said no. At 9:45 P.M. my son walked in the door...the girl's parents had taken them home!

      Made a proposal for a writing club at one of the campuses at the school where I used to teach for the Spring. TT said yes, they'd be interested. Just got an email saying they are interested.

      Am supposed to teach a writing club at North Allegheny, but TT is saying no. So far, I just don't have enough kids to do the club. Can you see what you get? I guess you could ask yes, Ruth going to teach the after school writing class at McKnight elementary in January or no, she is not.

      I still get you will be awarded the grant tommorow. Maybe I'm wrong, but we'll see.

    • Dear Dusty:
      My son works at a company in Shadyside and was up for a promotion. I tested to see if he was going to get the promotion with TT and it came out no. I didn't tell him anything about this because he thinks I am rather "quirky" anyway. Well, TT is right again. Here is part of his email to me that I just received. I do believe that even though he didn't get it, there is always a reason and he will get promoted when he is supposed to or find something better.



      Hi Mom,
      Well, I didn't get the job. It's definitely crooked politics. The head manager simply likes ______ more. There's no logical explanation other than that, especially because he's been stoned/got kicked out of doing training/has not completed his own training/doesn't know what he's talking about/etc.

      Dear Dustin,
      It didn’t take 48 hours…but I finally got it!!! I want to thank you for your invention and for your great videos: I think I already love you..(but didn’t trutested yet) Hope you will do other videos which are better than any “secret movies”: much less dramatic and much wiser funny!!!

      Lots of happiness Cristina

    • Dusty,
      thank you for inventing this wonderful device. My Sister and I find it fun and at times Wondrous to use.

      We have enjoyed knowing the winners and losers of " Dancing With The Stars" and "American Idol."

      Today my Wife had a cath done on her heart. The Doctors said that she had clogged veins and a bad heart. The Doctor that did the cath said that there were only minor clogs and the heart showed no signs of damage.

      We had both tested her for this condition on the TruTester and it gave us a negative on the heart condition.

      Today the Doctor proved that your device works and without the side effects of surgery.

      It is apparent to us that the Force Is With You!!!

      Hi again Dusty,
      Just thought you might like to see this email. Although it is not completely about your product, it's a pretty key element of his experience.

      My best,


      Dear Tami,
      I'm really going to push my comfort zone in this newsletter, and share with you the gory personal details of a tapping session I did on my own recently. I just received in the mail an awesome device called a 'TruTester' so I've been playing with that.

      The TruTester is great for talking with your own sub-conscious mind. Quite simply, it's a small tube that you squeeze. If your body is holding resistance, your muscles go weak and you won't be able to squeeze it as much as if there is no resistance.

      I'll point you to the TruTester website at the end of this email, I think it's really cool and a great way to find the beliefs that are holding you back.

      I should stress that I've not seen any real-life results from this session yet, but previous experiences with the same methodology have been astounding. This is a subject I've really avoided working on for a long time.

      I've never liked exercise as long as I can remember, and I know this stems back to school and being cold on the soccer field and also being knocked unconscious by a football to the back of the head one time. After that time I started to build my identity around it, and made some wonderful rationalisations to support my emotional judgement against exercise.

      As a result I'm now 30 and have a bit more belly than I really want (ok, a lot!). I've tapped away all my worries that it's unattractive - where women are concerned I've found that confidence and energy have far more of a bearing. I want to be fitter and healthier for my own satisfaction and wellbeing.

      This is the last major area I really have to tackle. I've done a lot of tapping around success, procrastination, and wealth in general, and probably even more about relationships and self esteem.

      I think the reason I've avoided tapping around my personal health and fitness is because I tied up being unfit with my identity at school of being good at maths and computers.

      The TruTester shows whether your body is in agreement with a particular statement - it simply indicates a yes/no answer to any statement you hold in your mind.

      I started with: “I am holding beliefs that are slowing my metabolism.” This got a resounding Yes. :)

      Then I asked “I am holding more than 10 beliefs that are slowing my metabolism.” This also got a yes... so I asked if there were more than 20 and got a now, and eventually whittled it down to find there were 13 beliefs in my sub-conscious mind directly or indirectly slowing my metabolism.

      The next step was to find out what these beliefs were. The best way to do this is to clear your mind, ask a question, and see what pops up. So I asked “what's one belief that is slowing my metabolism?”. I found myself thinking of a conversation I'd had with a rugby player at school about pulse rates. Somehow I'd left the discussion thinking that my heart had only a finite number of beats left in my lifetime! I'd drawn the conclusion that it was bad for my heart to beat too fast, and this had gotten stuck in my sub-conscious mind.

      To check, I tested the statement: “I hold the belief that it's bad for my heart to beat too fast.” --> Yes.

      Then I asked “This is the most significant belief slowing my metabolism.” and got a no. I wanted to rank the beliefs, so I tested and found this was the 6th most significant belief.

      After a bit more work, I repeated this process and came up with the following list:

      • 2 Not being a small child has slowed my metabolism
      • 4 I like being in bed
      • 6 My heart shouldn't beat too fast
      • 7 I'm no good at physical exercise
      • 8 I'm fat because I eat too much food
      • 10 Girls will like me more if I'm lazy
      • 11 I'm useless at sports
      • 12 sports/games/exercise makes me cold

      So for each one I'd ask the question, and my sub-conscious mind would show me a picture of being warm under my duvet (4), or remembering being in the school library sat with some girls when I'd forgotten my sports kit (10).

      2 is an interesting one, when I was 16 some family friends came to stay with their 3 year-old, and my mum challenged me to follow it for as long as I could, doing whatever it did. After about 3 minutes of running around like a toddler I was exhausted.

      I still hadn't found the most significant belief, but nothing else was coming up so I tried a different approach. I thought about going for a run! I instantly felt tiredness throughout my body, and considered having a nap instead. This gave me:

      • 3 I'm tired
      • 5 I'm lazy

      I found myself thinking that I didn't deserve to be fit, that I'd never reach my goals in this area, and that I was useless. I actually nearly abandoned the session, until I realised this was just my mind playing tricks. So I wrote down:

      • 9 I hate myself (regarding this particular subject!)

      There were still two more beliefs to find, and it occurs to me that I only found so many so quickly because I'm already very in tune with my sub-conscious mind. You may have to switch to the following process to find more beliefs, as it was I really only used it for one.

      I wanted to find the most significant belief, and because I hadn't been able to call up any imagery around it, I wondered if it was from a past life. I'm a firm believer in past lives and reincarnation now. At first I would work with past life stuff as a metaphor or just as a useful tool - the important thing is that you get a therapeutic change. But I've explored it so much now, the simplest explanation is that it's for real.

      The most significant belief is from a past life.” ---> I got a No. Hmm, ok...

      The most significant belief is from before the age of 10.” ---> No...

      The most significant belief is from before the age of 20.” ---> Yes... ok, now we're getting somewhere!

      I eventually narrowed it down to age 18. I started to think about this some more, it certainly was around this time that I started to gain my belly.

      “This belief is to do with my identity.” --> Yes

      This belief is to do with being clever at school.” --> Yes

      I hold the belief that clever people can't be fit.” --> Yes

      This is the optimal way to phrase this belief.” --> No

      I belief that Mathematicians aren't fit.” --> Yes

      This is the optimal way to phrase this belief.” --> Yes

      1 Mathematicians aren't fit


      Note that you don't necessarily need to find the optimal way, usually whatever you come up with is close enough to tap it. I repeated this process to find

      • 13 Raising my metabolism will cause me injury

      This apparently is from 21 past lives ago for me. I actually remembered watching Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, where one of the characters is captured by another tribe and hunted. I remember feeling particularly haunted by that imagery, who knows!

      Now I had my full list of 13 beliefs, and I worked through tapping them one by one, testing them as I went. For each one I'd use either EFT or TAT to tap whatever I'd written down, and came up with an opposite positive affirmation instead.

      Not all of them cleared on the first go, and I actually had several breaks during the actual tapping. I'd skip beliefs that didn't shift right away and come back to them.

      What's going to happen to my belly? Well, I'd love it if these beliefs were _directly_ affecting my metabolism, and it just disappeared... but I've a feeling there is an indirect connection too - these were standing in the way of me doing more exercise. Time will tell and I'll let you know! I certainly feel that a major internal shift has taken place.

      What I've described above is a more involved way of finding beliefs, expanding on the simple, straightforward way I describe in my book. There are actually 10 worksheets in there full of questions to ask to find the right beliefs to tap, and you don't need a TruTester, just peace and quiet!

      For more info on this go here:

      The TruTester site is a bit crazy - don't be put off, the man is a genius and the devices are high quality. They do the same job as electronic devices costing thousands of dollars, so they are very good value.

      Take a look here:

      Delivery was prompt and he's also good at answering questions if you email him.

      That's all for now, keep tapping!


      Dear zzdust,
      I am flabbergasted. The TruTester is fantastic. I enjoyed the instructional DVD and yes my hand is sore from using it all day :). I especially enjoyed the CORE BELIEF section. I am learning new things about myself everday.

      Thank you for introducing the TruTester into my life.

      H. McGonigle

    • Dear Dusty,
      This thing is fantastic. I've used the arm muscle test many times, but not needing anyone else is great.

      I live in a spiritual community where a couple of people think they are a cut above the rest of us. Using David Hawkins calibrations, I found they are definitely not I am always being asked if 'so and so' is on the property. But as I'm not psychic I just use the TT and it's 100% accurate.

      Man, you're a genius for inventing the Trutester.

      Thank you.
      Murray S.

    • OK so here is another testimonial for you. Remember yesterday I said I was going to try and get with a potential client. Well I asked TT if I should still pursue her, have been trying since before Christmas, TT said Yes. I asked if I should go see her today, yes, I asked if she would be in, yes. Of course I said all of these as yes or no statements as you taught. I went, she was there, and I'm meeting with her on the 23rd to begin setting up her web site. Cool and kinda scary too. I also started addressing some of my core beliefs and I do have a core belief that I cannot make more money with my own business than I can working for someone else. TT said I could overcome that just by exposing the core belief.
      Thanks again

      Dusty may God bless you in your efforts to help others find this power within.

    • Thanks Dustin,
      I received the Trutester yesterday and have already benefited by it. I had some items to drop off at a clients office and wanted to do it while he wasn't there so I wouldn't get stuck talking. I did the Trutester to see if he was in and it said he wasn't. I drove to his office and sure enough he wasn't in so I was able to get in and out quickly. I have also used it on other items with so far 100% success. Thanks also for the videos, they were very informative and entertaining, but I have to know how did the losing 20 pounds in a month thing turn out?

    • I would like to get into examining my core beliefs about success and wealth to see if anything is holding me back. I'm in the process of reading power vs force so I'm just starting to get an understanding of how truly powerful this is. I was so excited to see your product at such a reasonable price. I'm not really the kind to go to friends or even my wife and do the arm testing thing. Plus I think you are absolutely right that in working on your own you establish a trust between your conscious and sub-conscious that will really help my everyday intuition. Keep up the great work!!

    • Hi Dust!
      My older son missed a promotion at his job a few months ago. I think I told you about that as TT said he would not get the promotion. However, at that time, I tested with a few questions and I got that he would get a promotion in February or March from that company. Thus, I told him to "hang in" there. He thought I was nuts.

      He called me Friday and got a great promotion!

      XX Ruthie

    • Dear Dusty:
      When I worked at the private school, my kids entered a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) writing contest. I had the kids enter it in the new place I am in. I tested with TT to see if we would win. It said yes. I got a call last Monday and we won! That helped my blunder from 2 weeks ago!

    • Hello Dusty!
      TruTester received and already with a story to share.

      Tried it for the first time real world this morning. Was thinking about going into work early an hour early at 7am to recycle some cardboard that had been accumulating in the office. Wanted to do it early before the phones started ringing but didnt want to go in if the cardboard dumpster was full. So the fill point of the dumpster was tru tested and indications were that the dumpster was less than half full. SO! I lugged out early into the cold and was so curious when I got to work I walked over to check it and sure enough! There was room for the recycling! No time wasted after all!

      This is going to be handy! dandy!


    • Dear Dust:
      This one has to be one of the best because even I didn't believe it!

      My son just took his driving test from CCAC and he failed. He said the instructor told him to make a right turn at a red. He stopped and did that and the guy failed him.

      He was upset to say the least. I tested on TT and got that the guy was going to call him back and pass him. One half hour later, the instructor called and told him he reconsidered and he passed him.

      XX Ruthie

    • Dear Dusty:
      When I worked at the private school, my kids entered a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) writing contest. I had the kids enter it in the new place I am in. I tested with TT to see if we would win. It said yes. I got a call last Monday and we won!

      Dear zzdust,
      Thanks!!! BTW, love the sarcasm on the video. You would fit in well in our family!!! You sent my sister, Sara, a package last week to Arkansas. This is just absolutely amazing!!!!!! We plan on locating our grandma's wedding set this weekend that has been lost outside her house for years. She also has a metal detector, so this should be fun!

      We are the weirdos that use alternative medicine...you know that voodoo stuff. So this fits right in. :)

      Thanks again!

    • I am absolutely amazed at this product!! My sister and I both received ours and we talk over the phone and won't reveal our answers until we each have one. It is so much fun, we are so fascinated!!!! The only problem is our fingers and thumbs were so sore the following day. :) I received the one you mailed on the 4th on the 12th and the one you mailed on the 12th I received today. If you want to create an invoice or have further instructions, I'll pay for the package I received today.

      Thanks...have a great day!!

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