One Tool.

Infinite Possibilites

Qi Ring is the newest muscle tester from TruTester. And because it’s also a key ring you can take it with you everywhere!

Qi Ring is handmade in USA from unbreakable spring steel, guaranteed for life, and so easy to use!


Place Qi Ring between thumb and index finger.

Next, say the word No and squeeze Qi Ring together full strength. The position you want is where Qi Ring stays open about 1/4” after you say No. Simply slide your grip back to make it harder to close, or move forward to make it easier.

Once you have the correct position where Qi Ring stays open 1/4“ after you say NO…

Next, say the word YES and then squeeze Qi Ring full strength. This time Qi Ring will close all the way. This is your YES reading. Your body stays strong from the positive thought energy.

Simple: You want the one position when you hold Qi Ring where if you say NO and squeeze full strength it stays open 1/4” -- but when you say YES, it closes.

Now you’re ready to begin testing!

The miracle of Qi Ring muscle testing is that it instantly accesses the other 94% of the brain - the subconscious mind - it knows everything.

All you do is make a statement and then squeeze Qi Ring full strength. If it closes, the statement is true. Or hold the item in question and see if your body goes weak or stays strong. Weak = Unhealthy. Strong = Healthy. Simple as that!

  • Qi Ring has detected early stage cancer
  • Caught cheating lovers
  • Picked 12 out of 12 football game winners
  • Selected winning stocks
  • Found lost keys, fur coats and jewelry
  • Saved a dog’s life
  • Helped win Chicago Little League World Series
  • Cured a patient suffering from PTSD
  • Diagnosed gluten intolerance

Qi Ring & TruTester Combo


QI Ring Trutester & the List Triple Saver