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    PsyDetector Game

    Applied Self Kinesiology

    Applied Self Kinesiology (ASK) uses TT to focus inwardly rather than on the outside items of our world. Specifically, by using TT to investigate your core beliefs about an issue you can uncover the hidden truth about virtually any problem; as any area in our life where we are unhappy is caused by beliefs in doubts and fear about that issue. In fact, the same issue seen as a problem by the con- scious mind is regarded as the perfect manifestation of our intents and beliefs by the subconscious.

    To start, it’s recommended that you select an “unsolvable” problem. You can also think of it as the one thing that you’d really, really like to fix, change or improve, whatever it might be. Where you feel really stuck and hopeless is the perfect place to start because you will have a natural desire to persist with the ASK procedure until you achieve the desired results. While some users instantly stop bad habits, what is most likely to occur is a profound “new” realization or insight that you never thought of while you simultaneously realize you are remembering it “again” for the first time. What is happening is you are becoming aware of what the subconscious knows, which also happens to be what your conscious mind has thoroughly filtered out of your awareness. So one part of you, your conscious mind, will be amazed at this “new” information while your subconscious will realize that “You’ve known this all your life.” At this point you are experiencing two different minds that think two different ways. Your subconscious knows everything instantly while your conscious mind plays an odd game of pretending it doesn’t know anything (while also declaring it knows EVERYTHING!)

    Sit in front of your computer. Write down the problem you want to solve. Test: My conscious mind thinks there is a solution to (problem.) Then, My conscious mind thinks there is no solution. You should receive a weak No and a strong Yes, respectively. Throughout the process you will write down both your questions and your responses to TT’s readings. No need to expound in extensive detail, your responses should simply be your gut reactions. As you write, the process will also naturally lead you to new questions. Just write down whatever comes to mind, no matter what it is. E.g. One ASK participant couldn’t understand why loneliness was associated with his smoking habit. Following his gut, he ASKed his subconscious and was suddenly transported back to 1969 where he “remembered” how his fear of being alone was actually the sole reason for his smoking!

    So, if the only thing that is causing our problems is an erroneous core belief about that problem, all you need to do is keep ASKing questions that will lead you to the deep core belief you have about this issue. You do not need anyone to help you, but here are some sample questions you can ASK. Remember to also ASK the opposite of each of these statements during your ASK procedure.

    1. I have a fear regarding ...
      This problem started at age ...
      There is a belief that is causing ...
      I am ready to change this belief.
      I can stop (this problem) today.
      My subconscious knows I
      can succeed. This problem started
      when I ... The only thing causing (...)
      is fear.

    2. There is no problem I cannot solve. I am ready to be rid of this problem. At the subconscious level I know everything. I am creating this problem subconsciously. Subconsciously, I actually like this problem. Subconsciously, I chose to have this problem. My subconscious will now tell me something important about this problem.

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