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    PsyDetector Game

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    TruTester Applied Kinesiology Tool

    Welcome to TruTester

    TruTester delivers the powerful science of applied kinesiology (AK) without the need for a two-person muscle test. Using simple yes and no responses, TruTester lets you hear the voice of your own subconscious mind. When you go weak it is saying No.
    Strong means Yes.

    In this way TruTester unlocks the secrets to virtually any questions you may have.
    TT has made life-saving medical diagnoses, profitable stock picks, found lost items, discovered cheating spouses - one customer even used TT to win the Chicago Little League Series!

    What’s more, the A.S.K. process lets you see the core beliefs that create your reality and has helped others quit smoking, lose weight, cure depression, and manifest wealth in their lives.

    1. Original TruTester

      Simple and easy to use, the original
      handmade TruTester provides accurate AK testing anytime
      and anywhere you want.
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    How it works:

    TruTester is a muscle testing dynamometer that quickly identifies your maximum strength when you squeeze. AK practitioners know that when we test strong the body is saying Yes, Good, Right, Healthy.

    Introducing The List

    the List Full Cover

    The List has brought me a lot of insight. Glad I purchased it. Has helped me pin point a health condition. It has even helped me gain contact with my guides and other helpful entities. Your work truly gives me ideas in many new ways that I'm not sure anyone has explored.. For a year I studied kinesiology and had issues with having to have another person there to do muscle testing. Didn't like the idea of having to always have some one help and I didn't have the privacy. I knew in my heart that there had to be an easier way, and one more efficient. So I meditated and the following day your TruTester site popped up. Didn't know what it was at first, but like all other things I have discovered through meditation, sometimes ya gotta go with your gut. Not something I do very often but sometimes it's very overwhelming.

    The TruTester brings me into a lot of new discoveries weekly. Not everything I look for becomes clear to me, but without the TruTester and your help none of it would be possible. thanks for everything.

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